Jon Kent—the son of Superman and Lois Lane—has returned from the stars along with his grandfather Jor-El. But a new costume isn’t all that’s changed about Superboy, and the Man of Steel’s world may never be the same after SUPERMAN: THE UNITY SAGA: THE HOUSE OF EL!

Superboy has unexpected revelations for his parents about what he’s learned from Jor-El during their time away. Encounters with intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo, the other-earthly Crime Syndicate and even the Green Lantern Corps are just part of what Jon has dealt with. Now Superman must get personally involved in the outer-space war his son and father may have caused! But what’s the truth behind Jor-El’s agenda? And how will Superman—with help from Supergirl and Krypto—respond to the threat of Rogol Zaar and General Zod?

Best-selling writer Brian Michael Bendis (Jessica Jones, Ultimate Spider-Man) continues his bold new take on comics’ greatest superhero with artists Ivan Reis (JUSTICE LEAGUE, AQUAMAN) and Brandon Peterson (UNCANNY X-MEN, GREEN LANTERNS) in SUPERMAN: THE UNITY SAGA: THE HOUSE OF EL, collecting the unforgettable SUPERMAN #7-15!

Superman Vol. 2: The Unity Saga: The House of El19

SKU: 9781401299675

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