The book about the power of sprouts as an ultra-food for health, weight loss, and optimum nutrition by the co-founder of Organic Avenue and the founder of Juicero

The Sprout Book is a transformative plan to introduce sprouting by adding a few dishes to a diet and then shifting into a raw, whole foods plant-based diet. The 40 recipes contain at least 50% sprouts on top of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, medicinal mushrooms, sea vegetables, and top-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils.

Sprouts are the most nutritious sustainable food on earth. Among the mind-blowing nutritional qualities of sprouts:
—have 20-30 times the nutrients of other vegetables and 100 times those of meat
—are cancer-fighting and help to protect us from cardiovascular disease and pollutants in the environment
— help with digestion
—are a healthier alternative to juice cleansing, and will leave consumers with more energy and fuller stomachs for fewer calories, sugars, and carbs

After 10 days of sprouting, a reader will lose weight, gain energy, reduce inflammation, sleep better, become more regular, and think more clearly. 

The Sprout Book takes Doug Evans’ twenty years of experience with sprouts and his background as chairman and CEO of Organic Avenue and founder and CEO of Juicero to empower readers to embark on a raw, living, plant-based way of eating that’s low-cost and accessible.

The Sprout Book : Tap into the Power of the Planet's Most Nutritious Food

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